About Us

The GRDO delivers affordable recreation and leadership programs for children and youth between ages 4 to 14 who may face financial, cultural, or social barriers within the City of Ottawa. That said, we make it our mission to accommodate low-income communities, where the lack of money, community integration, equipment, parents’ busy schedules, and transportation is often the reason why children cannot participate in recreation programs.  We also create inclusive, accessible programming for children with special needs and language barriers.  Our programs are also a perfect first taste of various sports for young children, and a comfortable environment for any child to try a sport or social activity that they haven’t tried before or may not have been comfortable with.

The GRDO provides education to families and volunteer opportunities for community members, students, and youth leaders.  We provide mentorship and guidance in and outside of our programs to get children and youth on a healthy, safe, and productive path of personal success and community building.


The Gloucester Recreation Development Organization (GRDO) is a registered member of Physical Health and Education Canada.

The GRDO is a registered So Go Active Community Host

The GRDO is a registered non-profit organization affiliated with SportsandSocialChange.org

Kia Drive Change Nominee

The GRDO is a member of True Sport

Crime Prevention Ottawa – Safer Communities Nominee

Community Partner Supervisor with the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement 

The  Gloucester Recreation Development Organization is a registered, incorporated non-profit organization. (1996) Registered Non-Profit Number: 894485796RC0001