Our History

The Gloucester Recreation  Development Organization (then known as the Gloucester Recreation Development  Board) was started as a pilot project in March, 1993, with an initial grant  from the Ministry of Citizenship.  After three successful years, it was  incorporated as the Gloucester Recreation Development Organization (the GRDO),  a not-for-profit community group, on June 12, 1996.  Since then, the organization has expanded to running more programs, in more areas, reaching more people than ever!

We currently run year-round programming, in 7 areas. We have many programs to choose from! We continue to do our best to engage more children in taking part in recreational sports and to get youth to play an active role in their community.  As our organization continues to grow, we are also continuing to look for different communities that are lacking accessible sport skill development and leadership programs, and seek to fill that important niche.