Events & Programming

March 20, 2013

Through a wonderful new partnership with Johnson’s Tae Kwon Do, GRDO has been able to provide 5 families with Tae Kwon Do lessons!  Through the martial arts school’s T.A.O. program, and the generous donations of gift certificates, we were able to give 5 GRDO families a full program sponsorship and uniforms for 2 months of Tae Kwon Do at Johnson’s program, running out of the Cyrville Community Centre. So far, the kids are loving this opportunity to partake in a sport they would not otherwise have known about, had access to, or been able to afford. GRDO’s Meagan Sheridan and Johnson’s Tae Kwon Do’s Mitri Hanna continue to cooperate to provide these opportunities for more children in our area. To check out more about the martial arts school, go to: 

January 2013

This month, GRDO was able to bring a brand new program to our families! In partnership with the City of Ottawa’s I Love to Skate program, GRDO provided 15 lucky participants with FREE skates, mitts, toques, and 4 weeks of skating lessons! Despite finicky weather, the dedicated participants showed up each week to the Norman Johnston outdoor rink and participated with enthusiasm.  The program was a success and the kids wrapped up the program with a celebration, food, games, and skating at Scotiabank Place. If you are interested in opportunities like this for your child, please contact


September 15, 2012


This past Saturday, a team of GRDO soccer players comprised of representatives of each of our 7 catchment areas took on the Ottawa Fury U13 team in a match at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility.  These GRDO players were selected from our regular recreation program based on their level of commitment, skill, leadership, and sportsmanship throughout the GRDO 2012 soccer season.  The odds were against them – they had never played together before as a team; never played against a team of such high caliber as the Fury; never played such long game time, etc.  In the face of adversity, this crew of 9-13 year olds rose to the challenge, practiced together for a mere 2 weeks and pulled together as teammates  to represent GRDO in our community.  As everyone stood for the national anthem and GRDO’s players were introduced, we were pleased by the turnout of spectators and thankful for such a great opportunity.

The first half of the game was extremely close in score; the GRDO team demonstrated skill and control…and really gave the Fury a run for their money! Fury parents, coaches, and community members kept asking “Where did these kids come from?!” , “These kids should be playing for Fury!” and were amazed by their raw talent and teamwork.  GRDO staff could not have been more proud of our team and the hard work they put into this match.  Our kids’ sportsmanship, respect, and athleticism really shone through and helped get GRDO’s name out in the community.  This opened the door for: GRDO kids to get sponsorships with the Ottawa Fury, opportunity for future annual GRDO vs. Fury matches (with more preparation!), and has planted the seed to do this with our other sports as well. All proceeds from tickets sold at the door are going directly to fund GRDO programs.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success! And a big thank you to all the GRDO players who took part.