How to Register

GRDO Membership
Each family, regardless of number of children must fill out a family membership form on an annual basis. The fee for this annual membership is $20 and allows each child in a family to have access to our programs for an entire calendar year (January – December).

GRDO Program Registration
Program forms must be filled out at the beginning of each program session that a child chooses to participate in. You are still able to register AFTER a program has already started at ANY location where spots are available! Program fees may vary, depending on the program (see ‘Program Costs’ below).

Registration and membership forms will be available at our registration sessions.

How to receive registration and program information:
Please send us an email to and we will add you to our email distribution list! We will send out registration and program details to everyone on our email list before the start of a new program. Registration details will also be posted on our home page and posted on our Facebook page.

Program Costs
October-December: Basketball for ages 5-14 ($15) per child
January-February: Indoor Soccer for ages 5-14 ($15) per child
March-April: Volleyball for ages 9-14 ($15) per child
March-April: Jammin’ Juniors for ages 4-8 ($15) per child
May-June: Softball for ages 9-14 ($15) per child)
May-June: Tee-ball for ages 5-8 ($15 per child)
July: Leaders in Training Course for ages 14-18 ($30) per participant
July-August:  Outdoor Soccer for ages 5-14 ($15) per child

July-August: Swimming Lessons for ages 5-14 ($25) per child

Information on each of our programs: